World Heritage in Castilla y León

The whole set of cultural heritage sites that Castilla and León showcases is truly extensive, in this application you’ll be able to get to know the World Heritage sites declared so by the UNESCO a little bit better. 

The World Heritage Sites are universal properties, beyond geographical and administrative limits. Their preservation and care is the responsibility of every citizen of the planet. 

Three of the sites that have achieved this title are cities: Avila, Segovia and Salamanca. These cities have made a promise to watch over the sites’ preservation, protect and act together in order to defend the world and cultural heritage sites. Along with these cities, Cáceres, Santiago de Compostela and Toledo joined in 1993, making up the group of Spanish World Heritage Cities. Córdoba and Cuenca also joined in later on. 

Pilgrims from all over the world walk the Camino de Santiago with the goal of reaching the finish line:  the city of Santiago de Compostela, place where the remains of the Apostil Santiago El Mayor are worshiped. 

Right on the Camino de Santiago, hardly a few Kilometers away from the Burgos capital, we can find the astonishing site of Atapuerca, an archeological treasure of immeasurable dimensions. 

One of the most highlighted representations of the Paleolithic art is, without a doubt, Siega Verde, a town within Villar de la Yegua in Salamanca province that will celebrate in 2014 its discovery just 25 years ago. 

The Burgos Cathedra is the only Spanish cathedral that has been awarded this title independently from the city where it stands. It is also the highest ranking Christian temple in Castilla y Leon, as it is the only temple that is not only a metropolitan cathedral but also a basilica. 

Las Médulas are an outstanding Spanish landscape-like site created as a result of the Roman gold-mining works. It is considered as the greatest over ground gold mine of the entire Roman Empire.

8 world wide known gems lay just beneath your fingertip: Touch, explore and learn…and be sure to visit them as soon as you get a chance to. Come to Castilla y Leon, you won’t regret it.